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How Temperature Screening Kiosks May Become the New Norm

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As society adapts to its new realities, both during and after the current health crisis, innovative technology solutions to the issue of safety and confidence in the workplace will become increasingly important. Temperature screening kiosks meet this need, enabling any type of organization to maintain a safer work environment, provide peace of mind, and ensure both compliance with safety guidelines and continuity of operations.

Recently, Black Box launched the BDS-8 Temperature Screening Kiosks. This fast and reliable kiosk solution can not only function as an active or passive temperature detection system at entrances or a check-in/check-out system via the built-in RFID reader, but can also be easily integrated with a door or ticketing system to provide secure access via facial recognition and mask detection.

In this 40-minute webinar, you will learn and see how automated and contactless temperature screening and facial recognition-based access control enable a safer return to work and ensure future-proofing beyond current Covid requirements.


  • Industry requirements and local guidelines
  • Introduction to BDS-8 kiosks and BDS monitoring software
  • Live demonstration
  • Data storage: what, where, and how secure?
  • GDPR compliancy
  • Future-proofing beyond current Covid requirements