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How to Protect Assets and Information with TEMPEST-Certified Solutions

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To protect assets and sensible information from possible external and internal threats is more important than ever before. This includes computers that can be catalysts for malicious attack or intellectual property theft especially when connected peripherals are shared between multiple systems with different security levels.

Secure KVM Switches are a common solution to protect from potential data leakage, hacking and hardware tampering risks. Black Box has partnered with OSPL being capable of performing TEMPEST testing to the highest NATO and EU TEMPEST standards, SDIP-27/2 level A, B, C and IASG 7-03 respectively to provide a one step, turn-key solution of fully tested, certified and serialized TEMPEST Secure KVM Switches.

In this 45-minute on demand webinar, you will learn about the TEMPEST protection profile, the test and certifications process, as well as the security benefits of TEMPEST modifications to Black Box Secure KVM Switches.


  • What is TEMPEST and what protection does it provide
  • Where is a TEMPEST certification needed
  • Overview of TEMPEST levels and OSPL Tempest test facility
  • TEMPEST adjustments to Secure KVM Switches from Black Box
  • High-level overview of Black Box TEMPEST KVM Switch portfolio