Alien Crosstalk

Alien Crosstalk

Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT) is a critical and unique measurement in 10-GbE systems. Crosstalk, used in 10/100/1000BASE-T systems, measures the mixing of signals between wire pairs within a cable. Alien Crosstalk, in 10-GbE systems, is the measurement of the signal coupling between wire pairs in different, adjacent cables.

Factors that affect Alien Crosstalk

The amount of ANEXT depends on a number of factors, including the proximity of adjacent cables and connectors, the cable length, cable twist density, and EMI. Patch panels and connecting hardware are also affected by Alien Crosstalk.

Victim cable and Disturber

With Alien Crosstalk, the affected cable is called the disturbed or victim cable. The surrounding cables are the disturbers.

alien crosstalk explainedThe image illustrates a six-around-one configuration with a disturbed or victim cable. Alien Crosstalk measures the crosstalk included in a wire pair in the victim cable by wire pairs in adjacent cables.

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