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Classroom Technology Solutions

Classroom AV and Infrastructure

Technology Solutions for Tomorrow's Classrooms

Students and teachers need technology that creates an engaging and exciting learning environment.

Our award-winning AV and infrastructure solutions can help you enhance education in your classrooms. We offer room control systems, wayfinding signage, and video sharing solutions designed to improve learning.


Improve active learning collaboration in lecture halls and classrooms

As traditional lecture hall AV settings fastly change and digital active learning and collaboration increases, universities and higher education institutions need to harness the power of technology in order to modernise teaching in the classroom. Black Box offers solutions that engage students with interactive learning technology, promoting student-teacher interaction and ultimately increasing teamwork efficiency.


Digital Wayfinding Signage & Video Wall Processing

Digital Wayfinding Signage and Video Wall Processing

Interactive displays are ideal for college campuses because they can be used for wayfinding, informational school boards, and more. Check out our digital displays that enhance the student experience.

Video Switching & Distribution

Video Switching and Distribution

Video presentation switchers and scalers enable professors to easily connect, switch, scale, and extend any video device to any display in lecture halls or classrooms. These products allows students to focus on the lecture material without distraction.

Room Booking & Room Control

Room Booking and Room Control

With our In-Session Room Booking System, you can easily book lecture halls and other meeting spaces. On top of this, with ControlBridge® you're guaranteed to have total control of all the technology in your lecture hall from a single touch panel.


Empower collaboration and dynamic learning in the classroom

Improve learning retention, and increase student engagement and performance by providing both teachers and pupils the tools to embrace collaboration, engagement, idea sharing and group learning in the classroom. Black Box provides primary and secondary schools with Pro AV and infrastructure solutions that are quickly becoming essential to the modern classroom.


IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Discover a wide range of affordable, high-quality telecommunication and internet access products. Whether you want cabling, cabinets or a solution for wireless Ethernet extension, our extensive data communications, networking and infrastructure product portfolio can meet your needs.

Digital Wayfinding and Informative Signage

Digital Wayfinding and Informative Signage

Easily build eye-catching signage, stream content from the school website and visualise timetables, events and useful wayfinding or emergency messages. Digital signage can prove to be a great way to promote important, social events for pupils throughout the school campus.

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