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Black Box's mobile charging trolleys provide safe storage for laptops across Finnish elementary school


The Putaan school is the largest upper comprehensive school in Tornio, an historic town in Northern Finland. The school has approximately 570 pupils and 50 teachers.


In autumn 2015 the school underwent a major renovation. The project, valued at 8.5 million Euros, involved part new build, part refurbish and an overhaul of the school's information and communication technology.

"Projectors and whiteboards are history for us", says Jaakko Junes, Principal of Putaan school. "The most important tool in the classroom is an 80-inch touch screen. We have kept one square metre of blackboard on the sidewall of each classroom, as a reminder of the old teaching style. All classrooms have an identical set-up."

"Many of our staff are only teaching using digital methods with devices such as computers, tablets and touch screens. Everything is networked and teaching is completely interactive. The teacher can see what each pupil is doing on their computer and is able to provide one-on-one instruction and, for example, set personalised homework according to each pupil's needs."

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Solution Provided: Charging Trolleys

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