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Live Webinar

Wireless LAN-to-LAN bridging between buildings

Live Webinar: Wireless LAN-to-LAN bridging between buildings
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This webinar will be held on Friday 31 July at 10:00 am CET (GMT +2:00).

Want to connect your central Ethernet network to additional buildings, but there is no cabling installed?

Then consider a wireless connection, especially when your remote location is hard to reach, you only require the link temporarily or a cable installation requires time-consuming administrative permits.

Newer wireless technologies operating on the 60-GHz frequency band allow reliable duplex Gigabit connections over 800 metres or more.

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Attend our free webinar on Friday 31 July at 10:00 am CET (GMT +2:00) and learn how to overcome environmental challenges, get insight into the calculation of performance versus distance using different antenna types and the overall capabilities of wireless bridging. Register today!

Live Webinar: Wireless LAN-to-LAN bridging between buildings

This webinar covers the following aspects:

  • Atmospheric signal attenuation
  • Performance under ITU rain rate conditions
  • 60-GHz frequency band
  • Capabilities of 60-GHz bridges
  • Types of antennas going the distance
  • Management functionalities
  • Performance versus distance

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