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Video Wireless VPS III

Most popular product
  Wireless AV Presentations and Multimedia Sharing

Wireless multimedia sharing with a new quality in terms of comfort and efficiency

Wireless Presentation System (WPS) III 

A must-have for your meeting room.

Wireless Presentation System II 4-1 Splitt Screen
  • It turns your existing wired projector into a high-end wireless projector
  • It connects PCs, laptops, smart phones and MacBooks with the projector over standard Wi-Fi technology.
  • In use, each participant can gain control of the system and transfer it's presentation, including video and output data and documents on the display. 
  • Real-time -Audio/Video-Streaming for video playback on the projector with a smooth 30 frames per second. 
  • It is ideal for use in conference and meeting rooms in hotels, businesses, schools and convention centers

Easy, efficient and succesfull
  • plug-and-show
  • 4-to-1 split screen
  • PDA wireless projection

Take part in the meeting

  • Make use of PCs, laptops, PDA's and MacBooks
  • The system supports Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, Windows Mobile 5 and later, Mac OS X 10.5 and above
  Successful presentation

The Wireless Presentation System III has the highest transmission rates. The throughput is even high enough to transmit HD A / V streaming.

HD video streaming
The WPS III was created to share high-quality presentations in XGA 32-bit color. In addition, it also supports  playback of any HD video-streaming formats such as MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4, DivX 3/4/5, Xvid, WMV9, H.264.

4-to-1 split screen projection
With the 4-to-1 split-screen mode, up to four screens of the participants are projected side by side on the projector. Thus, four PC / PDA can be quickly compared to the increase in productivity.

1-to-4 split screen
Show your Windows screen or streaming video content simultaneously on four screens.

Large-screen display
On your projector, the LCD TV, plasma TV or monitor with VGA input .

Wireless Multimedia Presentation
  Convenient Presentation

PDA's welcome
With MobiShow the following smartphone applications can be shown: PC-less presentation (PTG), Media Center, Photo Streaming and Screen Projection.

Plug & Show
With the accompanying Plug & Show USB token, wireless presentation becomes easy for all your meeting participants. Just link your PC or laptop to the Wireless VPS III through a WLAN or an Ethernet connection, plug the token into a USB port, and in seconds, your screen will be wirelessly projected to the projector and, in turn, onto an overhead screen seen by the entire room.

Remote Desktop
Wireless Presentation System II Moderator GUIHave greater mobility when presenting at a podium or anywhere in a meeting room. The Remote Desktop function enables you to control a presentation from a wireless USB mouse/keyboard or to toggle between slides in a presentation using a USB wireless clicker. Just plug the receiver for your mouse/keyboard or clicker into the USB HID port on the front of the Wireless VPS III unit.

Autoconfiguring network setup.
When you connect the Wireless VPS III to a LAN that already has a DHCP server present, the receiver takes an IP address assigned to it by the server. But when the Wireless VPS III is connected to a LAN that does not have a DHCP server, the receiver becomes the DHCP server in the network.