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  Wireless Network testers and Cabinets

Wi-Fi testers and Wi-Fi cabinets from Black Box assist you with an optimal set-up of your WLAN.

Testers for optimal signal illumination

Before setting up your wireless network, you should check your building in order to determine suitable locations for access points and other wireless devices. Special attention should also be put on an excellent signal coverage of each Access Point. Documentation is important. Capture, where the Access Points are placed, which IP address they have and how they are connected.

Cabinets for secure storage of Access Points & WiFi devices

If you want to protect your wireless devices from theft or harsh environmental conditions, then our cabinets with WiFi signal pass through are the right choice.

LanXplorer tester for wireless networks and multiservice networks

Comprehensive tester for Multi-Service networks with WLAN test capabilities

  • Supports all 802.11b/g/n WLANs.
  • Identifies Access Points, SSIDs, channels, signal strenght, and security settings.
  • Detects channel conflicts.
  • Plus many more features to test active and passive cablings incl. fibre and VoIP.
  • Very user-friendly operation.

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Wireless Cabinet
Permeable wireless signal cabinet

Shelter Wifi equipment without signal shuttering

  • Fiberglass construction enables pass-through of WiFi and WLAN signals.
  • Compact, Nema 4 cabinet for usage indoors and out.
  • Mount it on walls, floor and rooftops.
  • Ideal for Access Points, wireless Routers, wireless Bridges and other WiFi or WLAN devices.

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