DSL Solutions
DSL Solutions

A local area network stretching over several kilometers?

No problem with DSL products from Black Box. While the extent of local area networks was greatly limited in the past by the tight restrictions imposed by the physical cabling, technical innovations today offer high flexibility, bridging longer distances while bandwidths are still high.

With our DSL products you can extend your network over your existing telephone cabling.

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Example of an Application

Apart from a DSL solution, there are several other techniques to extend and expand your network, which we would like to touch upon first. As an alternative, you can also work with optical fiber, or send your data via WLAN or FSO (Free Space Optics - e.g. LaserLink), or even use leased lines with modems or routers. Although great distances (100km and more) are possible with optical fiber (single mode), this solution is also very cost-intensive.
WLAN and FSO require a clear view. Especially for FSO, only genuine laser solutions instead of devices with LED technology should be considered, and these solutions do not come cheap either.

Therefore, if you need an economical solution to cover great distances, there's only one alternative - DSL!


We differentiate today between two product families, VDSL and G.SHDSL.
The differences lie in speed and range.
With our VDSL extenders you can reach distances of 1000 meters at a bandwidth of 24 Mbps over two copper wires. At a bandwidth of 100Mbps over 350 meters, our new VDSL2 extenders work even faster.

For greater distances, our G.SHDSL and G.SHDSL.bis modems are the obvious choice. The G.SHDSL modems transmit up to 2.3/(4.6) Mbps with two/(four) copper wires over distances up to 30 km. For distances up to approx. 5km, the G.SHDSL.bis modems reach bandwidths of 5.7/(11.4/22.8) over two (four/eight) copper wires.

These distances can be extended further by using special repeaters or, alternatively, by using e.g. 4-wire modems as repeaters for a 2-wire connection.

Rack-based DSL solutions
Rack-based DSLAM solutions are also available for this technology. With them, an entire "DSL network" can be built without problems.
Such a solution is used successfully to connect, e.g., distant factory buildings, tank farms, locks, etc. In the same way, Ethernet connections can be realized from control stations to incineration plants, sewage plants, power plants, and many more.

Conceivable are also data connections between valley and summit stations of a cable car, or the communication between distant stations (for subways or other private railways), or even to cover the great distances between the various terminals, shelters or buildings of an airport.

In all these cases, and certainly many more, DSL products from Black Box offer you an economical, easy to install and expandable solution.
Black Box thoroughly discusses the parameters of your application with you. Together with you, we pre-configure the devices free of charge to make set-up really easy. Naturally, you are welcome to test the performance of our DSL products in your applications.

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