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10/100/1000 Auto Bypass Switch, 1U
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10/100/1000 Auto Bypass Switch, 1U

Give your important Gigabit traffic a failover route.

  • User-configurable parameters control independent auto-bypass and auto-recovery functions for automatically switching connection states.
  • You can also control switching remotely using SNMP commands over a TCP/IP Ethernet network or via an RS-232 serial console connection. Or manually control it via its front-panel momentary contact toggle switch.
  • Completely transparent to data formats, rates, and protocols.
  • Set up to send ICMP echo request (PING) packets from an internal Ethernet node, through a normal network path, to any external Ethernet node.
  • Fits in just 1U of cabinet or rack space.
  • Warranty: 1 year, options for extension
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  10/100/1000 Auto Bypass Switch, 1U  
10/100/1000 Auto Bypass Switch, 1U
1.282,00 €

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