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CinemaxX Digital Signage

Together with Neo Advertising and Black Box, CinemaxX banks completely on digital signage (DS)

More than 1,500 large screens and beamers replace traditional posters and advertising spaces

Hallbergmoos, January 11, 2011 – With the expansion of its digital signage infrastructure, CinemaxX has taken another step towards full digitalization of its 30 cinemas: from now on, modern displays replace hanging posters and advertising spaces at every location. Over the past few months, 450 large screens (47 inches) as well as 200 beamers from Panasonic have gradually been installed. Following extensive onsite inspections at each cinema, experts from Neo Advertising and CinemaxX identified the ideal locations for the display systems. Subsequently, Neo Advertising will also take care of the entire content management. Infrastructure partner Black Box implemented the special and individual solutions, manufactured the corresponding custom-made mountings and panelings, installed the devices, and connected them to the LAN.

Together with the digital signage provider Neo Advertising, the CinemaxX group had already launched “CinemaxX TV“ in 2009. Besides editorial contents on all things cinema, the format offers additional marketing opportunities for the cinema operator. Using Neo Advertising’s content management solution, content is centrally uploaded for all cinemas. However, it is also possible to regionalize content, i.e., special local offers are only shown at the respective cinemas. “We see ourselves as innovation leaders on the cinema market. Besides state-of-the-art technology in the auditoriums, that also includes adequate equipment in all other areas,“ says Thilo Rieg, board member of CinemaxX. “That way we offer entertainment and information to our audience before and after the movie experience as well, while at the same time providing an ideal environment for advertising clients: our 360° approach allows a clear, target-oriented and therefore effective communication with the final consumer who can be reached in a relaxed, leisurely environment.“

An expansion of the digital signage system poses higher demands on the network infrastructure as well. By using Cat7 cables and optical fiber instead of the Cat4 and Cat5 cabling in use until then for instance, the network was upgraded to meet the new requirements and ensure smooth streaming. In total, the specialists from Black Box, who planned and implemented the infrastructure, installed 200 km of Cat7 cables as well as 10 kilometers of multimode fiber with approximately 1,000 splices at the 30 locations. However, the digitalization of the CinemaxX theaters doesn’t end with the expansion of the digital signage system. Just at the end of June, CinemaxX announced to equip all 295 screens of the company with the latest SONY DIGITAL CINEMA 4K projection systems. Black Box will upgrade the network for the proposed migration to ensure the smooth transmission of even the largest amount of data.

About Black Box:
Black Box (NASDAQ: BBOX) is one of the world’s largest technical services company with focus on design, installation and maintenance of network infrastructure systems. From data communication and telecommunication services to on-site network installations, the company supports more than 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 194 regional offices. With “Free Tech Support“ for free and competent technical advice on the phone, free test scenarios, as well as installation and maintenance services, Black Box offers an exceptional service program. The Black Box main catalogue is well-known in the industry and comprises an extensive product portfolio on more than 700 pages. It provides details of approx. 10,000 IT products such as network components, as well as solutions for infrastructures and applications.

The headquarters of Black Box Corporation is in Pittsburgh, USA. Worldwide, the company has approximately 4300 employees, 50 of which in Germany. Black Box Deutschland GmbH is active on the German market since 1984. Its regular customers include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as big enterprises of various branches, such as services, industry, telecommunications, health care and public administration, as well as the banking and insurance sector.

About Neo Advertising
Neo Advertising is an internationally operating media company and the leading full-service agency in Europe for the digital signage and digital out-of-home market. Neo specializes in the installation, operation and marketing of digital signage networks for airports, shopping malls, and the retail sector. Neo operates and markets 75,000 digital signage systems worldwide. Based in Hamburg, Neo Advertising GmbH’s Managing Partner is Sven C. Jacobi.

About CinemaxX
CinemaxX AG is Germany’s most well-known multiplex cinema operator. All in all, the group currently operates 34 cinemas with 295 screens and approximately 78,000 seats in Germany and Denmark.
With regard to their architectural design, CinemaxX multiplex cinemas stand out in the German cinema scene. Moreover, the comfort and quality standards they offer are exemplary and include sophisticated video technology and MAXXIMUM SOUND, the best sound technology currently available, over-dimensional screens, the latest in comfortable cinema seating in air-conditioned movie theaters, and a discerning ambience. For additional information, visit

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