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VGA to DVI Converter
VGA to DVI Converter

Black Box helps your audience get the picture

New VGA to DVI converter for brilliant image quality - independent of the input signal

Hallbergmoos, November 10, 2009 - With the new video converter ACS411A, Black Box, the IT and telecommunications specialist, introduces a VGA to DVI converter for perfect image information transmission to DVI displays or beamers - independent of the input signal.
The converter converts varying input signals and scales them if necessary to match the set resolution of the output equipment. The device is therefore ideal for conferences and lectures where contributors use their own notebooks to conduct their presentations. Irksome interruptions and time-consuming adjustments of image quality are now a thing of the past.

Input signals processed by the VGA to DVI converter include both analog VGA and digital DVI-D information of up to 1920 x 1200 resolution. Signal output is via DVI-D with a resolution of up to 1920x 1200 at 60Hz; conversion can be with or without scaling. With the infrared remote control included in the delivery and the easy to use On Screen Display (OSD), fine tuning is also not a problem.

"With our new video converter we offer a device ideal especially for organizers of conferences", Axel Bürger, Managing Director of Black Box Deutschland GmbH, explains. "All it takes is a one-time adaptation of the converter to the beamer or display used.
Even if contributors use their own notebooks, the different input signals will be converted to the optimal image quality and resolution without problems - you're all set for a perfect presentation."

About Black Box
Black Box (NASDAQ: BBOX) is one of the world's largest technical services company with focus on design, installation and maintenance of network infrastructure systems. From data communication and telecommunication services to on-site network installation, the company supports more than 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 192 regional offices.

With "Free Tech Support" for free and competent technical advice on the phone, free test scenarios, as well as installation and maintenance services, Black Box offers an exceptional service program. The Black Box main catalogue is well-known in the industry and comprises an extensive product portfolio on more than 700 pages. It provides details of approx. 10,000 IT products such as network components, as well as solutions for infrastructures and applications.

The headquarters of Black Box Corporation is in Pittsburgh, USA. Worldwide, the company has approximately 5000 employees, 65 of which in Germany. Black Box Deutschland GmbH has been active on the German market since 1984. Its regular customers include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as big enterprises of various branches, such as services, industry, telecommunications, health care and public administration, and the banking and insurance sector.

Press Contact:
Black Box Deutschland GmbH
Axel Bürger, Tel +49 811 5541 322
Fax +49 811 5541 499

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Weissenbach PR
Bastian Schink, Tel. +49 89 5506 7775
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