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ServSwitch CX Uno

Black Box: KVM multiplatform for fast switching

Competitively priced remote access from up to 300 meters via ordinary CATx cables

Hallbergmoos, August 6, 2008 - With the ServSwitch CX UNO, Black Box, the specialist for IT and telecommunications solutions, offers a high-quality multiplatform solution for fast KVM switching.
Connected servers can be linked to this compact switch over distances of up to ten meters with inexpensive CATx cables; for access via a remote console, even distances of up to 300 meters are possible.

The CX UNO is baed on the successful ServSwitch CX matrix series, and stands for high quality and compatibility with numerous hardware and software platforms.
The device is available both as an 8-port and a 16-port version. Side by side, up to two devices fit into 1U of the server cabinet. Cascaded they provide access to up to 31 servers. Apart from the KVM connection, the CX UNO transfers stereo audio signals as well. A point to highlight is the high video quality with resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 pixels at 60 hertz.

Individual servers can be connected to the switch via inexpensive CATx cables from a distance of up to ten meters. Apart from local USB user console ports for control via keyboard and mouse, together with a CATmiX receiver, the CX UNO also provides access to the servers from up to 300 meters distance. Only a single CATx cable is used to connect the devices. Beside the usual hotkeys, RS232/V.24 commands can also be used for remote control.

"The use of CATx cables offers considerable cost advantages", Axel Bürger, Managing Director of Black Box Deutschland GmbH, explains. "In addition, a ServSwitch CX UNO cascade allows you to switch and manage up to 31 computers easily. The switches only require 1U - and Black Box even provides the suitable KVM shelf on demand. "

For a smooth operation even with the latest graphics cards, the CX UNO has an additional feature: the device reads out the EDID information from the monitor and thus ensures trouble-free booting. The compact design and the competitive price enables powerful KVM switching in a professional server environment.

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About Black Box:
Black Box (NASDAQ: BBOX) is one of the world's largest technical services company with focus on design, installation and maintenance of network infrastructure systems. From data communication and telecommunication services to on-site network installation, the company supports more than 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 173 regional offices.

With "Free Tech Support" for free and competent technical advice on the phone, free test scenarios, as well as installation and maintenance services, Black Box offers an exceptional service program. The Black Box main catalogue is well-known in the industry and comprises an extensive product portfolio on more than 700 pages. It provides details of approx. 10,000 IT products such as network components, as well as solutions for infrastructures and applications.

The headquarters of Black Box Corporation is in Pittsburgh, USA. Worldwide, the company has approximately 5000 employees, 65 of which in Germany. Black Box Deutschland GmbH has been active on the German market since 1984. Its regular customers include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as big enterprises of various branches, such as services, industry, telecommunications, health care and public administration, as well as the banking and insurance sector.

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