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ServSensor V4P
ServSensor V4P

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New generation ServSensor V4P for ambience control and video monitoring in real time

Hallbergmoos, October 1, 2008 - With the ServSensor V4P, the network services specialist Black Box introduces its latest generation of ambience control and safety monitoring equipment. Up to four external cameras can be connected to the device and thus ensure extensive video surveillance. On top of that, the system supports intelligent sensors for the most important environmental data and in case of malfunctions raises the alarm both locally via sound and remotely via SMS or e-mail.

Its eight RJ45 ports for external sensors, its four video inputs for site or PT surveillance cameras, as well as its optional 20 potential-free contact inputs for alarms make the ServSensor V4P ideal for the use in the IT security sector. Upon plug-in of a sensor, the device is configured automatically. A web-based user interface not only allows the fast set-up of the device, it can also display graphics.
The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data of each sensor are generated automatically and can be downloaded as text files for processing.

The device supports a wide range of analog cameras, such as security, CCTV, or sophisticated night vision models. Images are displayed in several sizes, up to full CCTV and VGA resolution in scan or simultaneous mode.
The integrated Pelco compatible 4-port controller for pan & tilt camera operation dispenses with the need for expensive additional controllers. In addition, it also allows the positioning of external cameras via the web interface.

Easy configuration is also guaranteed by the message assistant. For each message a sensor, alert condition(s), as well as the subsequent action can be set. For server room monitoring it can be defined, e.g., that the temperature is to be monitored. Should a threshold value of, e.g., 30 degrees be exceeded, an alarm is sent via e-mail to the support team, which will then be dispatched for troubleshooting.
Alternatively or in addition to the alarm, a potential-free contact can be switched, or power can be turned on or off with a relay. Smoke, air, current, voltage and motion can also be recorded apart from measurement data such as temperature and humidity.

"The logic behind the ServSensor V4P is quite simple", Axel Bürger, Managing Director of Black Box Deutschland GmbH, explains. "This combined with the various configuration options makes the device one of the most powerful solutions on the market."

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Black Box (NASDAQ: BBOX) is one of the world's largest technical services company with focus on design, installation and maintenance of network infrastructure systems. From data communication and telecommunication services to on-site network installation, the company supports more than 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 173 regional offices.

With "Free Tech Support" for free and competent technical advice on the phone, free test scenarios, as well as installation and maintenance services, Black Box offers an exceptional service program. The Black Box main catalogue is well-known in the industry and comprises an extensive product portfolio on more than 700 pages. It provides details of approx. 10,000 IT products such as network components, as well as solutions for infrastructures and applications.

The headquarters of Black Box Corporation is in Pittsburgh, USA. Worldwide, the company has approximately 5000 employees, 65 of which in Germany. Black Box Deutschland GmbH has been active on the German market since 1984. Its regular customers include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as big enterprises of various branches, such as services, industry, telecommunications, health care and public administration, and the banking and insurance sector.

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