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Sensor Bee Online Demo
Black Box SensorBee: Online Demo of the wireless system for energy optimization, environmental monitoring and access control

Watch the convenient Web frontend for configuration and data queries.

Technical Specification and Prices
Wireless solution from Black Box for the energy optimization, environmental monitoring and access control in data centers

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SensorBee: Optimized Energy Efficiency and Environmental Monitoring

Wireless monitoring of current and environmental conditions plus access control

Use SensorBee for

  • Detection of ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, air pressure, brightness, smoke, etc.) as well as alerting.
  • Power management (metering).
  • Selective switching of electrical loads and machinery (based on time, consumption, or events)
  • Access Control

SensorBee is a comprehensive, modular system that integrates the optimization of energy efficiency and security in data centers, server rooms, facility management and many other fields.

The system detects voltage fluctuations, physical access and monitors the power consumption and climatic conditions. SensorBee can operate as a stand-alone solution, but it is also designed for the seamless integration into Nagios/Icinga or SNMP management.

Easy operation and automated risk aversion.

All devices can be configured and grouped through the powerful and intuitive web front-end presenting graphical results. The Free Tech Support from Black Box can assist with all questions related to energy optimization, environmental monitoring and access control in the IT In addition, SensorBee is ideal for the monitoring of sensitive and critical equipment where a stable power supply is of paramount importance. The sensors can be combined in any groups. Scripts, functions and event-based rules can be preconfigured so that dangerous situations can be recognized early and averted.

Quick installation without structural changes

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The installation and set-up of the system takes only minutes and requires no structural changes. SensorBee is based on the wireless Zigbee standard that allows a secure, self-healing wireless network between the gateway and data collectors. Depending on the type of the sensor, rooms and devices can be instantly monitored

Data Collection

SensorBee Gateway: process control for wireless power management and environmental monitoring

The freely programmable SensorBee gateway services as a data collector and process controller. It is a powerful ARM computer with a ZigBee-, USB- and Ethernet connection, as well as a SD card slot as a memory for data or application logs. It plugs directly into a power socket to save space and starts immediately.

Through the Linux environment, a stable network operation is ensured with user friendly application and interface programming.


Energy Efficiency

The effective energy metering with SensorBee from Black Box determines how energy efficient the IT actually works.

The effective energy metering determines how energy efficient your IT actually works . The energy consumption of all connected devices is displayed. The system also notifies you about freely configurable overload situations and the exceeding of pre-defined thresholds for the energy consumption.

The EnergyMeter detects current (true RMS), voltage, frequency, power and work. An integrated bistable relay ensures a long lifetime. This device acts simultaneously as a router for other remote sensors.


Environmental Monitoring and Access Control.

Use SesorBee from Black Box to measure environmental conditions within your IT, use rules to eliminate risks early and optimize your air conditioning.

The sensors can precisely measure data like humidity, air pressure, CO2, and temperature in real-time. Based on the collected data, disturbances can be corrected or the air-conditioning efficiently evaluated and optimized.

The PIR motion detectors and light sensors ensure an effective access control. They also detect door and window contacts, cabinet and housing openings, broken glass and ambiance. Instant alerts enable a quick reaction to avoid hazards such as manipulation, theft and vandalism.


SensorBee is the ideal solution for these areas:

  • Data centres and server rooms
  • Energy efficient facility management
  • Hospitals and AAL assisted living
  • Automation engineering
  • Other operations with high current loads


SensorBee is the ideal solution for these applications:

  • Energy detection for power network providers and power consumers
  • Indvidual Metering/Sub-Metering
  • Smart-Energy/Smart-Grid
  • Control of cooling units and storage water heaters
  • Remote control and monitoring of devices
  • Detection of Standby-Power
  • Power quality analyses
  • Heating control
  • Control/regulation of temperature and humidity
  • Temperature reduction in unused rooms
  • Monitoring of patients/patient activity
  • Access Control
  • Detection of glass break
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