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KVM over IP FAQs
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KVM over IP FAQs

What is KVM over IP?
KVM over IP refers to technology that allows you to connect to a CPU or KVM switch via its keyboard, monitor and mouse port using an IP connection.

Why Would I need KVM over IP?
KVM over IP is ideal for situations where you need full access to servers but are not located physically close to them. Good examples are out of hours access to servers and access from remote offices. KVM over IP can give an administrator access to servers from anywhere as long as they have a network connection. KVM over IP can be added to existing ServSwitches to give IP access to multiple CPUs or can be included as part of a new Switch installation.

How Much Bandwidth does KVM over IP require?
This depends on the product and application. The ServSwitch RasPutIn can operate over a 56kbps modem line while the Ultra Remote and ServSelect IP require slightly higher bandwidth (128-256kbps). However as the bandwidth available decreases below 256-512kbps usability will be affected. One Major factor is the mouse

accuracy and speed. Over a low bandwidth link the remote mouse will take noticeable time to catch up with the local mouse that you are moving. The video will also take longer to update over lower bandwidth links. 512Kbps should be sufficient for most GUI based applications while command line applications require less. User perception is an important factor. Different people have different ideas about what is acceptable. The best way to find out is to try it.

Why not just use PC anywhere?
Software packages such as PC anywhere and VNC viewer require that software be loaded on the target Machine (the server you are contacting via IP). This is not always possible and also means that these products can not be used for Bios level access.

When Is KVM over IP not a good idea?
KVM over IP offers great flexibility for connecting to servers, however, this is at the expense of usability. While the picture quality is good, it is not the same as you would get with a directly connected keyboard, monitor and mouse. The mouse movement is also affected and the mouse may

seem less responsive over IP than with a direct connection. For these reasons it is recommended that if you can use a direct connection to a ServSwitch or CPU, or if you can use KVM over Cat5 you use this method. Cat5 extenders and Cat5 ServSwitches such as the Octopus can allow KVM stations to be located 300 meters from the CPU being accessed with no degradation to mouse usability and minor affect on picture quality.

KVM over IP is not yet suitable for transmission of real time video- the result will be very degraded.

How secure is KVM over IP?
All Black Box KVM over IP products are password protected and support the use of strong encryption (e.g. 3DES)

Can I try a product to see if it suits my application?
Yes. Black Box can recommend the best KVM over IP product for your application and arrange for you to evaluate the product. We are also happy perform a demonstration of the product to you.

To talk to Tech Support, please call us at 0811/5541-0 or use our free of charge Callback Service.

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