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VGA Wireless Video Presentation System
This video overview demonstrates an easy and economical way to make any VGA projector wireless. With the plug-and-play VGA Wireless Video Presentation System from Black Box, you can use a Windows® laptop with a Wi-Fi® card to access a SVGA or WXGA projector from up to 200 feet away—eliminating the need for swapping cables in and out at the projector. The video shows step by step how one typically installs the system in a conference room, then demonstrates how up to 254 users go about streaming video and audio directly from their laptops to the projector (or other display device with a VGA port).


Today, we’re showing you how to wow your audience with the latest in wireless presentation technology. The Black Box VGA Wireless Video Presentation System easily makes any VGA projector wireless. With this plug-and-play device, you can use any laptop with a Wi-Fi card and Windows to access a projector or monitor from up to 200 feet away.

You’re probably used to delivering presentations with a tabletop projector and all the wonderful cables that are needed. You might even have more advanced systems, including an A/V Control System like the one mounted here. With the VGA wireless device, you no longer have to be stuck next to a podium and you no longer have to worry about being attached to the projector.

The VGA Wireless Video Presentation System is ideal for conference rooms, training facilities, auditoriums, classrooms and lecture halls, houses of worship, or anywhere you want the flexibility of delivering a presentation or video and not be limited by cabling distance or have to worry about someone else running the presentation. The beauty of the system is that you’re not limited to just one PC or laptop. In fact, if we had 254 laptop users around this room today, they could all share a single projector or any LCD or plasma monitor to show presentations or streaming video from their laptop for everyone to see. All they need is a user name and password and they have instant wireless access to a PowerPoint® or other video presentation on the screen.

An administrator easily determines the order and controls access by all users on an individual basis. Installing the system is a very simple process, whether you want it next to a projector that you carry along to a meeting or you want it next to a ceiling-mounted projector, like what you see above me. The device can be left visible or hidden above the ceiling tiles.

To get started, just attach the box to the projector, plug it in, then power up the projector and you see the setup screen that tells you what to do. It shows you its IP address and login code, too. From here, your users just open up their laptops and browse the Wi-Fi network until they find the device, then log in. For security, the system has a secure login and WEP encryption. Plus, it supports static IP address configuration and also functions as a wireless access point for users who want to connect it to a LAN or the Internet. This is great for displaying content to the projector from a laptop. By default, it’s set up to work as a DHCP server, but it can also communicate with a DHCP server running on your network, too. It’s that versatile.

The Black Box VGA Wireless Video Presentation System: Wow them with your presentation and your presentation system. To learn more about the VGA Wireless Video Presentation System and the many other solutions from Black Box—including HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, S-Video, and Composite video products—visit or call our free Tech Support hotline at 877-877-2269. You’ll be live with one of our experts in 20 seconds or less.  ...hide transcript 
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