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VSP-HDMI1X2-4K: 2 Kanäle
Abbildung ähnlich
VSP-HDMI1X2-4K: 2 Kanäle
VSP-HDMI1X2-4K: 2 Kanäle
VSP-HDMI1X4-4K: 4 Kanäle
VSP-HDMI1X4-4K: 4 Kanäle

HDMI 4K Splitter

Distribute 4K HDMI video resolutions and audio to two, four or eight displays.

  • Easily duplicate one video input to multiple HDMI outputs.
  • Supports 4K (UHD) resolutions up to 3840 x 2160.
  • Lossless and reliable reproduction of high-resolution video signals.
  • EDID copy function for high-definition display.
  • Supports HDCP and 3D.
  • Install in seconds.
  • Cascaded operation for increased signal outputs.
  • Works with Black Box Locking HDMI cables (VCL-HDMIL).
  • Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr, Verlängerung möglich
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  Produkt       Art.Nr.   Stückpreis  
2 Kanäle
  HDMI 4K Splitter  
HDMI 4K Splitter
  VSP-HDMI1X2-4K   Preise nach Anmeldung  
4 Kanäle
  HDMI 4K Splitter  
HDMI 4K Splitter
  VSP-HDMI1X4-4K   Preise nach Anmeldung  
8-Port version available soon

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